Adam and Eve (The Common Sense Story)

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Let’s outline the old and original story of Adam and Eve, and then look at what science, archeology, and anthropology and Bible fits in.

Why should we believe the story?

First it dates back 8000 to 10,000 B.C.

Second it was written, perhaps 1400 B.C., making it over 3400-years old. But why still should it be believed? I mean why not put it into the fairy tale category like the Scientist do?

If we did that, The Epic of Gilgamesh, which dates back to 2700 B.C., and was written down in stone about 1700 B.C., would have to be put into the same contiguity.

Also, King Arthur, which dates back to 400 to 500 A.D., first written down by the French in 900 A.D., and the English in 1100 A.D., thereabouts.

Plus, we’d have to put down the story of Homer’s story of Troy into that category, and Vergil’s part.

To which, at one time it was a fable, until they unearthed troy in Asia Minor, or Turkey, in the 1800s.

And now halfway reconstructed, finding it has a history dating back to 2900 B.C., or nearly 5000-years.

How about Napoleon, all I’ve read I’m sure is not politically correct!

Maybe he never was?

Or Alexander the Great? 333 B.C., or Plato, 400 B.C.

You see we have to question everything.

The point being Adam and Eve were real, history has indicated so, and they were not a Homo erectus, or Neanderthal, or Lucy from Africa, they were human beings like you and me in the Garden of Eden which now is in Iraq.

How can this be if science and Physics say contrary?

We’ve just discovered Black Holes, still a mystery, and still a Quantum theory, meaning, it can’t be proven beyond a doubt.

We know, Gravitational Waves exist, just confirmed 2016. But we’ve know it for nearly 100-years.

We have a theory on wormholes, where should you be able to find one open one up, run through it in a flash, you’d be in another universe.

We’ve now discovered bones in England dating back to 12,000 B.C., for Homo sapiens, making fires and flint pointed weapons.

There is a new theory called progressive evolution. Meaning under certain circumstances, with the exact mutation implanted, evolution or transformation, or even to a metamorphosis, man or animal can acquire a trait, and developed it within a few generations, if not decades.

Now we have science fiction of Star Trek, at one time they used cellphones in the 1960s, now we have them.

We came up with powered orange juice by our scientists, for use in outer space missions, a generation ago.

Now let’s go back to Adam and Eve.

History has proven this legend has lasted the proof of time.

If Eden did exist, it could have been in a bubble, in other words, to get to it you’d have to find the worm whole, and it was invisible to the nomadic tribe outside of it.

Too, the tree of knowledge and the fruit in question, metaphoric or not, it was a betrayal to God, first by Eve then Adam.

That is to say: who really cares if it was an apple, or orange, or banana or fig, it was most likely a fruit, but to tell a 800-page story, and put it in a one page book in Genesis, we’ll call it an apple.

As for the tree, maybe it was a tree, or orchard, again it doesn’t really matter, the intent of the betrayal is important. It could have been a bush!

The wooden horse that portrayed the invasion of Troy, could have been a galloping horse in the heavens in sound, and theory, and in the background the roar of an earthquake, or similar, who’s to say.

The main point being, political correctness, doesn’t belong in the version, only for the scientists. The story will not change one way or the other for the reader: Troy was destroyed thereafter by an army, awaiting the storm, or the chaos, or the horse, or the earthquake that put Troy 29-meters under earth.

Now back to Adam and Eve.

Here they are in the Garden of Eden, and Satan comes in through the wormhole, finds the tree of knowledge, and invites Eve to dinner.

What is really the writer of this story telling us?

In the Book of Job, God told him, “Do you know everything I have in my storm room?”

And Job said “No”

And God I believe inferred, “I know that you don’t know, and you also don’t know what is behind all this burdensome life I’ve given you, once a king, and now a pauper.”

Why could Job not think ahead and say: “I didn’t think of that?”

Why don’t the scientist say that? Instead of trying to prove the unprovable, to be the correct answer only to find out a decade or generation later they still have rewrite history.

If you take Adam and Eve out of the equation, you have to take Black Holes out, and wormholes out, and those 100-galixies we’ve now discovered behind the Milky Way, because perchance all those galaxies are not galaxies, just suns and stars, with fragmented in matter, and scattered every-which-way, without boundaries.

You see, life is simple and complex.

What we don’t know, perhaps we don’t need to know for this time and period.

The angelic force was born in heaven, and they don’t know the whole story either, that is why when you die, and let’s say you’re worth your salt, and you go to heaven, common sense will say angels, and especially your guardian angel will question you on how it was to be a human.

That brings up another statement: Jesus Christ say in the New Testament, inferring he is “The Son of Man,” more often than “The Son of God!”


He was proud, and excited, and felt He and his Father’s work were substantial, in the overall picture of creation, he liked the phrase, and we should also.

Evolution, is it real or science fiction?

This is something you have to pick and choose. Some of it is, and most if it is not.

Asteroids have hit earth in the past, and thus came extinction of the Dinosaurs, but think of it, could you and I live with those large creatures in the 21st Century?

There were ice ages, but they created paths for migration across Europe to North America, all the way down to South America, to form new civilizations, such as the Inca, or Maya, and so on.

But back to Adam and Even.

After they were tossed out to the Garden of Eden, they got to know the world around them.

Eve left Adam for 130-years, had other children, and returned. And his seed went onto the days of Enoch, 7th from Adam’s generation, and all the way to Noah.

Pigmentation of skin perhaps changed, and the height of the races perhaps got taller, and they carried one idea to another generation, so legends were handed down by word of mouth.

So it can be said mutations, and change is always on the move.

When Abraham was born, so was the Jewish Nation, about 2000 B.C., Job is a legend of the Jews, dating to about 2200 B.C., handed down.

As is the story of Adam by Moses.

Three percent (3%) of us humans have the Neanderthal gene in us, along with the Adam genes in us, along with those outside the Garden of Eden.

The Neanderthal gene protects us from disease, and the Adam gene brings us to the understanding of God, the spiritual part of our whole make up, we need as humans: the psychological, sociological, spiritual, and physical elements within our genetic makeup, embedded in our chromosomes, or DNA, if it isn’t there, then we are subhuman.

Adam, gave us a lot to think about.

I realize women, some women would not prefer the part of the bible that says they came from the rib of Adam.

Adam’s rib, along with the rest of his body has one thing, the outside world of the Garden of Eden didn’t have, and that was the breath of God, in its bone marrow, and now women had it likewise.

And in closing this story of sorts, I want to say, God turned around and gave women the privilege of giving birth to mankind, it is kind of a trade off, so I see it that way.

And today is my mother’s day she went to see the Lord, thirteen-years ago, and all I can say on that is, God gave women a great gift.

#5292/July 1, 2016 / Dedicated to Elsie T. Siluk

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