7 Quick Ideas on How to Make Extra Money in Just Days From Now

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Are you looking for extra money right now? You can get it if you take a different approach than everybody else. Pretty soon it will become obvious that a second job just won’t do the trick. The simple truth is that when you are really ready to explore ideas on how to make extra money, you will find that trading hours for money should be the last option to consider. Chances are, you’ll run out of time long before you earn enough money from that second job. So here are 7 quick ideas you can use to make extra cash today.

1. Help people search online for what they want. Many people are either afraid of the Internet, or they just don’t know how to use it effectively. You can print simple fliers and drop them at public places announcing your service. Set up a PayPal account to receive money online or just collect cash from people in your neighbourhood. Search engines are great, so use them to make extra profit.

2. Help people create simple videos then upload them to video sites. Many marketers need videos to help them sell online, but are afraid to make these videos because they think they are not good enough. If you are handy with a camera, you can make videos for folks, promoting their products, and then upload those videos to the web. As long as your cost is reasonable, you will find customers to help you turn this idea to make extra money into an extra income stream.

3. Help people to advertise using proven methods. There are tons of advertising sites online, but people usually don’t trust them. You can be different. You can show people how to advertise effectively online without owning all the resources. This is one of the best ideas on how to make extra money, you’ll find today. Think of ppc advertising, directory submission, blog submission, article submission, and you will find many ideas there that you can share with your customers for a price. Simply outsource the hard work.

4. Deliver stuff for busy people. Let us take a simple item like pizza. Some pizza stores will not deliver into some areas. You can do this delivery for a price. It many not earn you much money at the beginning, but then you will also find opportunities to delivery other stuff as well. Many folks have very little time to shop, walk their dogs, watch their pets, etc. You can do these chores for them and get extra money for doing it. Just search online for some ideas on what people need delivered.

5. Run unique errands for busy people. Many folks do not really need stuff delivered, but could use help making deposits at the bank, paying some utilities, and picking up the dry cleaning. You can do this for them. Many people have no time to do personal chores. If you think about it long enough, you can use this idea on how to earn extra money and create an extra stream of income.

6. Create simple advertising fliers and give them away. This is a cool idea for getting extra cash. Just get local stores or proprietors to put ads in your simple ad sheet. Let’s say you are going to deliver 1000 of these to homes and stores locally. Type up the ads on your computer, print them out and deliver the final product to your audience free. You earn your money from the advertisers. You do not need the Internet for this. Just make sure that you are earning enough cash to cover your cost and then make a profit. As your business grows, so will your profit.

7. Start a newsletter that helps people save money. You can do this off-line. People will gladly accept your newsletter if it is free and useful. If you research money-saving ideas and put these in your newsletter, you can also pitch related products as well. Of course, an online version of your newsletter is a better idea to make extra money, than offline newsletters. However, you can start with a printed newsletter first, then move online later.

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