7 Hidden Secrets to Writing Compelling Network Marketing Ad Copy

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Most Network Marketing companies encourage their distributors to purchase lots of pre-designed flyers and brochures. They promote the fact that it takes a lot of the guess work out of doing it yourself. All you have to do is buy them, hand as many out as possible and wait for your phone to ring off the hook! Sounds great…but does it work? Not really.

Companies make millions of dollars on their literature alone. It’s basically another product they get you excited about. The reason it doesn’t work to help you grow a business is because no matter how fancy and slick the message looks on card stock, it won’t work unless your target audience has a connection with it.

There is an art and science to writing the kind of compelling copy that attracts your target audience. I’m talking about the people who have a want, need or desire for what you have to offer. Not everyone wants your product, but if you know how to craft the right message, you can easily attract the right person. Keep reading to find out 7 compelling copy hidden secrets of how it’s done.

Compelling Copy Hidden Secret #1: You need to understand your target audience.

Who is your market? It’s not your next door neighbor or the person standing in front of you in line at the grocery store who is going to want to reach out and grab your product from you. What are their fears and desires? What makes them tick? Knowing who they are is the only way to write the kind of ad copy that will make them want to call you.

Compelling Copy Hidden Secret #2: Determine what you are trying to accomplish.

Do you only want to get a few people who are serious about doing a business, or do you want to get a lot of people who can give you a lot of retail sales? The more hoops people have to jump through to get to you, the more serious they will be. Let your copy do the funneling for you. The more specific you get, the less time you will spend weeding through people who aren’t serious.

Compelling Copy Hidden Secret #3: Keep the price out of your copy. The more you elude to it, the fewer the response you will get. Instead, focus on the pain your prospect has that will make them want to contact you and try your product. Create a picture of how it will make their life easier and more enjoyable. Marketing is about solving specific problems of the consumer. Don’t let the attraction of money steer you away from helping people.

Compelling Copy Hidden Secret #4: You need to make extensive lists of the benefit of your product or service.

Write them all down. The more specific you can get, the better. You should be focusing on the word benefit so much that you almost get sick of hearing it. That is how important it is to writing compelling ad copy. How is your target audience going to specifically benefit from taking your products.

Compelling Copy Hidden Secret #5: Be Specific.

If you are in the weight loss industry, losing weight is not specific enough as far as benefits go. Think of other things that can happen to your prospect if they use your product to lose the weight. Is it all- natural? Will it solve other health problems along with the weight loss? The more specific, the more serious your prospect will be.

Compelling Copy Hidden Secret #6: The end of your copy should totally resolve your prospects problem with your benefit.

You found the solution, and it starts with getting a free report or expert guide. You are the expert and the more they know that, the better your results will be. Never end with a price. Just show them how they can get even more information from you.

Compelling Copy Hidden Secret #7: Do not focus on gimmicks just to get people to call you.

You will waste all of your time trying to convince them to use your product instead of helping people who really want it. Ads highlighting free samples or coupons will only generate people looking for hand-out. They might generate a few sales, but you won’t find the kind of people who will explode your business.

96% of all network marketing distributors wind up quitting because they do not get proper marketing education. My business didn’t grow until I learned the right techniques, and they weren’t taught by my company or upline. Attracting the right audience comes from practicing the art of writing ad copy, not buying pre-designed flyers. Apply the 7 compelling copy hidden secrets above and you’ll be well on your way to making your home-based business a success.

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