6 Advantages of Print Advertising

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Print advertising continues to be a great way to reach the intended audience and have a positive impact on the target market. While other advertising options are available, such as online media, the traditional methods of printed media continue to be effective in the world of advertising. Here are a few of the reasons why print is still a viable option to use in a future campaign:


Research has shown that the type of print that people can interact with is the most memorable. Simply by opening a brochure or turning the pages of a magazine, the senses are more engaged which can lead to a greater connection with the audience. Plus, this media is certain to last for a longer period of time compared to the online alternatives that soon disappear. Also, magazines are easily passed to other family members or friends and can remain in the home for a long time.

Stands out

In an age when many businesses are solely using online based ads, it is possible to really get the print advertising to stand out more than ever. Direct mailers are less common, so there is a lower risk of these simply being lost with a handful of other similar ads. With creative printing techniques and a good design it is still possible to get the interest of your audience using the traditional adverting methods.


Many people still see printed advertising as the most believable and credible form of advertising. With the long history of print, it is easy for a company to build respect from campaigns simply through association of this established form of marketing. Also, getting the ads in a respected publication can further help to build trust with the audience.


Certain web-surfers are less inclined to click online ads because they believe there is a risk of scams or viruses. This negative view can seriously lower the intended reach of a campaign. But, the printed alternative has no perceived risk and readers are more likely to take an interest in the information provided.

Less expensive

Print advertising isn’t as expensive as many people seem to think. The latest techniques to print have many the entire process that much more efficient and affordable. This means that a print advertising campaign is even possible for the small startup business.

High ad recall

People that are reading a magazine or newspaper are more inclined to give an appealing advertisement more attention. This greatly increases the likelihood of taking future action or to remember a brand. But, with the online alternative, many people spend little time on one page and constantly switching between sites, social media, or other activities on a laptop or tablet. This means the ads are going to get a lot less attention.

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