5 Best Ways for Moms to Earn Extra Money at Home

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Jobs that moms can work while at home is beneficial because it allows the mother to stay home while taking care of her children. It also allows the mother to do chores around the house while making extra cash. This will allow the mom to stay home and take care of the kids during the most crucial time of the children lives, those early developing years. This article gives work at home mom’s some options to stay home with the kids and make some extra cash.

1. Data entry jobs is good for stay at home moms because all that is required is that you fill out forms for companies. All you need is some typing skills.

2. If you have teaching experience, one good job is Online tutor. Many internet based companies and colleges are offering courses online for people of all ages. If you are a teacher or if you like to teach, this is a great way for you to earn extra income at home.

3. There are online freelance writing companies who are looking for “ghost writers”. People will pay you to write for them. There are internet marketers who pay services to write for them in article directories. You can work as a freelance writer and earn money for your writing.

4. Blogging is a good side business for stay at home moms. A blog is simply a website that you can comment on every day and others comment on your blog. You pick a niche that you are passionate about and you “blog” about it. You can “monetize” the blog or make money from it by placing ads or banners on the blog. There are many affiliates you can sign on with who will either give you a link or a banner to put on your blog. If someone buys you will get a percentage. Google AdSense is the most popular ad service with bloggers. Theirs many ways to drive traffic to your blog. One of the ways is writing to article directories and commenting on forums.

5. Network Marketing is an excellent option for a stay at home mom. Many women do very well with network marketing because it is more of a teaching type of business than a sales business. There is no kind of experience required to be successful with it. You can simply invite people to your home to look at a presentation. Many Network Marketing Companies are giving their representative the option to market online using resources such as Face Book, Twitter, and YouTube and other Social Media sites.

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