10 Most Powerful Article Marketing Tips

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Great Houdini — this really works!

Never would have believed how writing some simple little articles would put my website marketing into overdrive until I tried it. These techniques worked for me, can’t imagine what they will do for someone who can actually write!

If you haven’t tried it, give it a go and see exactly what article writing can do for your marketing efforts; you may be pleasantly surprised.

Here are 10 powerful article marketing tips you should apply to all the articles you write. These ideas will help you discover the real power behind article marketing.

1. Information, Information, Information Don’t ever forget, the major reason anyone is reading your article is for the information. Make sure your articles have at least some! The more timely, the better.

2. Keep It Short And Simple Writing for the web and ezines is different than writing for off-line publications. Keep your writing brief and write in short paragraphs. Be concise. Be precise. Talk directly to your reader and trim any unnecessary fat. Be lean and meaningful.

3. Put Your Reader’s Major Benefit In The Title Always put your readers first, give them the main reason they should read your article in big bold letters at the top of the page, i.e. in the title.

4. Take Full Advantage Of Article Directories Kick-start your articles by submitting them to popular online article directories. These already have a large clientele looking for your articles.

Here’s my killer five:






5. Use Autoresponders For Your Articles Set up all your articles on autoresponders. Have a Master Autoresponder — listing all your articles. Automate your genius.

6. Post Articles On Your Site Place all your articles on your site. This builds trust and creditability. Not to mention all that ‘keyword drawn’ traffic from the search engines.

7. Use RSS Feeds To Syndicate Your Articles Place your articles in RSS Feeds and syndicate them to all interested parties. RSS is Hot! Google Blog Search. Microsoft’s RSS Powered Longhorn. XML Sitemaps…

8. Use Affiliates If You Have Them Let your affiliates brand your articles with their affiliate IDs and promote your articles for you. Win-win situation. Harness and harvest your affiliates’ energy.

9. Cross Reference Your Articles Get more bang for your links. Place links to your other articles in the article you’re writing. If you’re offering helpful advice, most ezine editors and webmasters will let you do this. Self-promote. Self-pollinate.

10. Place Your Articles In An eBook Place your most popular articles in an ebook that can be branded and passed around. A great viral technique that works. Your greatest hits for all the world to enjoy, again and again.

Happy writing — go get ’em!

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